Roger Federer holding the Australian Open trophy. (AP Photo)

In an interesting turn of events, the Australian Open has been given permission to shorten the length of matches by implementing a tiebreak in the deciding set. Of course, other Grand Slams do the same thing; Wimbledon recently added a regular tiebreak at 12-12 in the final set.

But, unlike the US Open and Wimbledon, the Australian Open will add a "super" tiebreak where players will play to 10 points, instead of seven, still needing to win by two. Despite whether fans are for or against this addition, it is possible that the first Grand Slam of the year will not add the tiebreak just yet. Players will be consulted to see if the addition is wanted.

If the tiebreak is added, the French Open will become the only major without a tiebreak in the deciding set. And still the only one without a roof.