Handle this high-pressure shot from any situation.

When your opponents hit a tough lob, your team has three options. The best is for the player whom the lob was hit over to move back and hit a strong overhead.


If it’s too difficult to hit a strong overhead, hit the high-five shot. To do so, the player whom the lob was hit over turns, shuffles back, jumps and gives the ball a “high five”—using a punching motion—to put the ball back deep. This is essentially a defensive overhead, but it should allow your team to remain in control of the net.


The other option is to switch sides and have your partner cover the lob. If you’re on the ad side of the court and the lob goes over your head, you should move to the right and cover your partner’s side of the court. Your partner, who has a clearer path to the ball, can then turn, run backwards in a semi-circle, get behind the ball and hit a high defensive lob crosscourt. 

As your partner scrambles, you—now the net player—should drop back to the service line. If your partner hits a great lob, you can then begin to think aggressively and move forward. If the lob is hit too short, you’ll have to retreat to the baseline and try to play the best defense you can against the incoming overhead.

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