The Scot posted a lengthy comment in favor of two-fisted backhands on the Wimbledon Instagram page. (AP)

Andy Murray has some time on his hands after ending his 2018 season a little early. He doesn't post often on social media, but he's clearly scrolling his feed and isn't afraid to comment when he feels so compelled. 

Case in point, Wimbledon posted a relatively random video dedicated to one-handed backhands on National Poetry Day. Murray had something to say:  

"I'm here to stick up for double handers!" the Scot wrote. "The one handers are always said to be more beautiful, more artistic, poetic etc..but almost all the best backhands in the game are double handers. Almost all coaches say they would teach a double handed backhand because it's a more simple, effective and efficient technique. Art doesn't need to be complex. There is beauty in simplicity. Double handers for the win!"

At least one of his fellow two-handers appreciated the thought.

Wimbledon responded quickly with an ode to two-handers. 

Murray ended his season after a quarterfinal loss in Shenzhen. Currently ranked No. 259, he is taking extra time to get ready for the 2019 season.