US Open champion Naomi Osaka was a guest on The Ellen Show and got to banter with host Ellen Degeneres. 

The 20-year-old is getting more accustomed to her new fame but she's still the same shy, giggly girl you saw win Indian Wells for her first career title and then beat Serena Williams in New York on Saturday. 

Once Degeneres gets through the required questions about the controversy surrounding the final, she dived into the good stuff. The inquisitive host asks Osaka to name her celebrity crush and then insists on texting him for her (it's Michael B. Jordan of Black Panther fame). 

Then fans also get to see Osaka's smooth side. When asked what she'll buy with her $3.8 million in prize money from the US Open, she selflessly says she'll get something for her parents. Of course, Degeneres wanted the specifics. 

"I'm going to buy them a TV so they can watch your show," Osaka said. 

Degeneres sent this selfie to Jordan. 

And Osaka got to be in a few more photos, namely with Degerenes' other guests, Lebron James and Channing Tatum.

No matter what your opinions are on the drama surrounding Osaka's win, everyone can agree that life is pretty sweet for her right now.