Washington, D.C., enhances the fan experience at the already-exciting Citi Open. (AP)

There’s no more patriotic city than Washington, D.C., and every year millions of people visit the most powerful city in the world. If you're an American tennis fan, summer is the best time to take a trip to the District of Columbia, despite the heat and scattered thunderstorms. 

Here are the Top 10 things to see and do in D.C.:


The White House

One of the most famous buildings in the world lies on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and in it sits the president of the United States. The White House is a must-see stop on any trip to D.C., no matter who is sitting at its throne. Most visitors take photos from outside the gates, but tours are also offered. 


The Capitol and Supreme Court

Down the road from the White House are the other two buildings holding branches of the U.S. government, the Capitol, where Congress lies, and the Supreme Court building just behind Capitol Hill. The mighty white-domed Capitol building is a hub of the U.S. government, holding the House of Representatives and the Senate. 


The Lincoln Memorial

One of the most iconic monuments in America lies just at the end of the National Mall, housing a memorial to one of the greatest U.S. presidents ever. The Lincoln Memorial is a nearly century-old marble monument to the 16th president, and the views from behind the massive statue of Lincoln show Washington, D.C., in all its grandeur.


The National Mall

A must-see stretch of land on any visit to the nation’s capital is the two-mile-long National Mall, a landscape of green parks that is home to the Washington Monument and several memorials. Surrounding the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall is the World War II, Korean War and Vietnam Veterans Memorials.


The Museums

Washington is a city of great history, and that means museums. The Smithsonian lines the National Mall and tells the story of America’s history and greatest achievements. The National Archives are home to the founding documents of the United States. Ford’s Theatre is a living museum to Lincoln, telling the story of his assassination. And the world-famous Newseum, a museum dedicated to journalism and media that proves the importance of a free and independent press.


The Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery and Marine Corps War Memorial

In nearby Arlington, Virginia, The Pentagon, home of the US military, is a massive sight to see near the nation’s capital. The huge five-sided building and is home to the U.S. Department of Defense. Near The Pentagon is Arlington National Cemetery. The Marine Corps War Memorial stands at the entrance.


Martin Luther King Jr., Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson Memorials

Arguably the most beautiful of all of D.C.’s landmarks is the Jefferson Memorial, with the famous Tidal Basin in the foreground. Nearby to Jefferson Memorial is a memorial to a much later U.S. president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And looking across the Tidal Basin is the massive memorial to civil-rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.


Georgetown neighborhood and Georgetown Cupcake

One of the most iconic neighborhoods is historic and beautiful Georgetown, home of Georgetown University. The neighborhood features several blocks of old cobblestone streets and brightly-painted colonial homes. M Street is home to some fantastic dining and shopping. The famous Georgetown Cupcake shop is a must-visit stop if you've got a sweet tooth. 


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Dupont Circle and Ben’s Chili Bowl

For some of Washington’s best restaurants and nightlife, visit the famous Dupont Circle district to see all D.C. has to offer. And just up the road from Dupont Circle on U Street is the famous D.C. eatery Ben’s Chili Bowl, a several-decades-old chili-dog restaurant serving up the spiciest chili in Washington.


Citi Open, Rock Creek Park

No tennis fan can visit Washington in the summer without a stop at one of the biggest events of the U.S. hard-court season, the Citi Open, a combined ATP 500 and WTA International-level tournament. The old Rock Creek Park venue maintains an intimate feel for fans and players. 

If you’re looking for rich history, culture, government and politics, and some of the best food in the country, plus world-class tennis every August, then D.C. is the place for you.

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