Novak Djokovic after defeating Kevin Anderson in the Wimbledon final. (AP Photo)

At Wimbledon, the deciding-set tiebreak debate took center stage. Three huge matches were played well beyond the 7-6 mark including Kevin Anderson against Roger Federer and John Isner, and Novak Djokovic versus Rafael Nadal.

Each marathon threw off the schedule for lasting far longer than the average match, particularly Anderson's 26-24 fifth-set win over Isner. Of the Grand Slams, only the US Open enforces a deciding-set tiebreak, while in the other majors players must win by two games in the final set. This rule is responsible for the longest matches in history, including Isner beating Nicholas Mahut back in 2010.

What do you think—should all Grand Slams play a deciding-set tiebreak?