Having a moment with the greatest champion of them all @rogerfederer #ausopen

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When a tennis fan meets Roger Federer, it's usually somewhere casual like as he's walking through the tournament grounds or maybe from the stands of a practice or match court. They're rarely, if ever, encounter him without clothes on.

Dylan Alcott—who became a paraplegic after having a tumor removed from his spine when he was born—met his hero in an unusual way. The five-time-singles Grand Slam wheelchair champion recalled being at his locker at his first Australian Open when he encountered the Swiss in his birthday suit.

"I put my tennis bag in, I get my racquet out and standing there completely naked...is Roger Federer,” Alcott said. "I thought ‘That’s an interesting way to meet someone that you idolize'...I was just tying to look at all the right spots and keep my eyes up!”

This year, Alcott got to meet Meaghan Markle and Princess Kate, fully clothed of course, while fulfilling his dream of playing at Wimbledon.


Dylan and the Duchesses @wimbledon #wimbledon #princedylan

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Alcott has won four Australian Open singles titles and the 2015 US Open. He's currently ranked No. 2.

Strokes of Genius is a world-class documentary capturing the historic 13-year rivalry between tennis icons Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. It is timed for release as the anticipation crests with Roger as returning champion, 10 years after their famed 2008 Wimbledon championship – an epic match so close and so reflective of their competitive balance that, in the end, the true winner was the sport itself.