The rising broadcasting star is officially not the most boring personality on the BBC. (AP)

Not yet ready to compete again at Wimbledon, two-time champion Andy Murray has been trying his hand at tennis commentary with the BBC, and he hasn't checked any of his signature self-deprecation at the door.  

Right off the bat, when former world No. 4 Tim Henman jokingly asked Murray who was more boring between the two of them, Murray suggested that they put it up to a public vote:

The BBC obliged, hosting an actual online poll, and Murray lost—or won, depending on how you look at it. Sixty-five percent said that Henman was more boring, and only 35 percent voted for Murray.

Murray also admitted on air to watching the British guilty-pleasure show Love Island, though followers of his Instagram might have already known that. 

Overall, his presence on TV has been a massive hit. 

Though Murray isn't playing at Wimbledon this year, he announced on July 1 that he has his sights set on the U.S. hardcourt season.