Roger Federer made the biggest fashion news by switching from Nike to Uniqlo. (AP)

"Wearing white, everyone looks good in it, you can't lose," Venus Williams said after one of her early-round victories at Wimbledon. "Maybe when I was younger, I didn't like rules as much. I still don't like rules that much, but I've come to really enjoy the white." 

What's good for Venus can certainly more than work for us. As with Wimbledon's weather itself, we're going to keep it on the sunny side as fashion goes; it's an all-winners affairs, with no sartorial "losers" to be found. Come for the perfectly tailored, pearly whites. Stay for all the court-adjacent style shout-outs.

A few marquee players wore Nike separates – a ballerina tank, that pleated skirt – though none donned it quite like Donna Vekic and Sloane Stephens. (And despite the latter's singles ouster, both still remain in one draw or another.)


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Similarly, she wasn't alone in wearing it, but Naomi Osaka truly knew how to sport the Adidas tee-and-shorts combo. What looked box-y on others came across strong on Osaka, something of a 1980s homage even with squared-off sleeves reminiscent of (wait for it) Josh Brolin in Goonies.

In New Balance, Milos Raonic cut a tall, limber figure, and with a proper pop of color and horizontal stripes on the top to take the look up a notch or two.

Woefully short-lived on the court, Maria Sharapova shined in a Nike dress featuring chic pleats and playful cut-out lower backing.


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The henley collar made for a subtly handsome shirt trend, with Fabio Fognini (Hydrogen) and Juan Martin del Potro and Kyle Edmund (Nike), among others, wearing it exceedingly well.

For another star, the henley factor was the least of the story. It was the style move heard 'round the sports-business world. Roger Federer made the fashion statement everyone was waiting for, revealing a Uniqlo alliance in his post-swoosh world.

This anticipated event of a kit arrived mostly as more of a full stop than an exclamation, with strawberry-red trim and otherwise straightforward details, as is Uniqlo's wont. It's a fine introduction, and look for them to take it up a few rungs on the wardrobing ladder in New York. 

Venus Williams' own Eleven by Venus dress came and went with a whimsical diagonal design, more intriguing than some of her looks this decade to date and yet, as with so many, not staying around for the full fortnight's sartorial storytelling. The use for the compression sleeve? The world may never know.

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