On Thursday, Wimbledon champion turned television commentator Marion Bartoli talked about Nick Kyrgios and Gael Monfils' Grand Slam title chances on BBC 5. The Frenchwoman didn't hold back, stating neither player will ever win a major because their work ethic isn't good enough and they won't be able to string seven wins together. 

"It’s a true shame because those kids have so much potential. In a way it’s pathetic to see them being childish," the 33-year-old said. "It seems they can’t grow up, they can’t be men and can’t take charge of their own lives.

"I wish Gael could have done it before. And I truly hope Nick will get it together at some point – he needs a wake-up call to see, in a way, he is going to waste his life."

Her co-commentator John McEnroe seemed in agreeance, saying "well said."

Bartoli's comments didn't sit well with 23-year-old Kyrgios, currently ranked No. 18.

"You know, it's easy to criticize people when you don't know them," 31-year-old Monfils, ranked No. 44, said on Friday. "So I won't even pay any attention about it."

After brushing it off in a jokey manner on Twitter, Kyrgios took time to share his thoughts at length on Instagram.

The Aussie posed some strong questions for the 2013 Wimbledon champion. 

"Who are you to judge the way we go about things? Who are you to tell us how to do things, when [you] have no idea what we’ve been through?...." he wrote. "Stop assuming you know what’s best for others when you think you’ve had a little success... We get it, we know you have to remain relevant, but I’ll give you a heads up, we don’t care what you have to say."

Bartoli posted her own comment to his page, which he also replied to: 

While both are well-known for getting up to antics on the court, particularly Kyrgios, he's turned a corner in recent months and Monfils just reached his first Wimbledon fourth round ever. Grand Slam title or not, both are also established, successful stars, and still have time to reach their full potential. 

The drama came at an odd time when Kyrgios and Monfils were both still in the draw. Kyrgios dropped just one set in two matches at the All England Club, before falling to Kei Nishikori on Saturday. 

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