The 35-year-old is hitting the gym these days to stay healthy for longer. (AP)

Alexis Ohanian is well known for being the co-founder of Reddit, and also, for being a refreshingly honest, self-proclaimed nerd. These days, he's more popular than ever as the proud husband of Serena Williams and father to their baby girl Alexis Olympia Jr. 

The 35-year-old recently talked about his fitness regime in an interview with Men's Health, revealing he made a big life change after finding out Serena was pregnant. 

"I knew I needed to start taking my fitness seriously," he said.

Like a lot of men, Ohanian embraces lifting weights and loathes cardio, but his wife helped him see the light. Serena would know a thing or two about working out, spending her entire life in the gym and on the court. 

Ohanian may be taking his gym sessions more seriously these days, as he works toward the elusive six-pack, but he's still just a guy that's just trying to impress a girl. On the road, Ohanian and Serena sometimes share a gym, though not the actual workout.

"If you get pretty deep into the workout there... you're like 45 minutes in, and you're kind of glistening a little bit, and you're in the sleeveless shirt, and you hit that tricep pulldown... I'll look over — it's so obnoxious — I'll look over and flirt with her, and she'll roll her eyes," Ohanian said. "It's always the same thing. I'm sure she's tired of it by now. She hasn't said anything — she indulges me."

Serena's schedule is up in the air after pulling out of Roland Garros with a right pectoral injury. She's still scheduled to play Wimbledon.