"Not professional, but it's really fun!" That's Britney Spears on her tennis game – minus a few extra exclamation marks – which she put on display via social media recently. The post ignited a tennis-fan frenzy over her enjoyment of the sport, and other observers took it from there.

At the time, Spears was relishing a friendly hit with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, a model and aspiring actor. (Altogether now: "Isn't she lucky, that Hollywood star?") The entertainer sported a green sports bra, Daisy Duke–esque shorts ... and no shoes whatsoever.

To the surprise of few, that last fact prompted a winking response from 18-time singles major champion and three-time mom-of-boys Chris Evert. 

Here's hoping that Spears continues to find good fun in this game of a lifetime – and that, indeed, she finds a tennis-tread provider. The bones and joints in her legs likely won't cherish the feeling of repeatedly pounding the pavement without any cushion. Have a heart, Britney, and don't make mama Chrissie come for you in person.

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