Most people would say Maria Sharapova isn’t a good volleyer. In a traditional sense, that may be true. But not when it comes to the swinging volley. Few players hit that shot better than Sharapova, and it’s a shot that every player should learn. Why? Because players are so comfortable hitting from open stances with heavy topspin—which is perfect training for a swinging volley.

Practice swinging volleys as often as you practice regular volleys so you can learn which balls to attack—high balls, not low balls—and how to control the shot. You don’t have to swing for the lines: if you hit a swinging volley up the middle, right at your opponent’s feet, it will be very effective. Your opponent won’t have much time to react or create a sharp angle. At worst, you’ll probably get a chance to hit an overhead, or an even easier swinging volley.