Serena Williams is Disney's No. 1 fan—as revealed on Twitter. While that may sound like a stretch—there are lots of Disney fans out there—the 23-time Grand Slam champion has the receipts to prove it.

Here Williams is in 2016, Minnie Mouse ears and all, firing arrows with Princess Merida:

And here she is in May hanging out in costume at Disney World's Animal Kingdom:

Her daughter's first movie? Thor: Ragnarokdistributed by Disney


Thor: Ragnarok is a family affair.

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Here's one for conspiracy theorists: Williams, in her tweet, questions whether a live-action The Little Mermaid is possible. But here she is sitting right next to a real Ariel:



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For the record, as one commenter pointed out, the reboot is indeed happening. 

Serena does have some competition for No. 1 fan, though, in Roger Federer, who happens to know Mickey Mouse.

But Williams recently had a Beauty and the Beast-inspired wedding, with Beyoncé aka Nala in attendance, so case closed.