Saoirse Ronan, Kate McKinnon and John McEnroe walk into a skit. What could go right?

That's what Saturday Night Live held this past weekend. The show's latest episode's "Bachelor Auction" sketch saw pro-shop employee Chad (Pete Davidson) auctioned off – for a you-cannot-be-serious amount of money – ahead of the self-proclaimed "bad boy of tennis," Johnny Mac, taking his turn. The rich country-club set of ladies, also including Leslie Jones, Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant, didn't respond quite to the tennis star's liking, leading him to unleash a bit of a Mac Attack.

McEnroe boasts a deceptively lengthy resume as acting goes. He starred as a tough-yet-sympathetic high-school PE teacher in this year's Freak Show, about a non-binary student, born male, who ultimately runs for homecoming queen.

He has also made appearances in films, including 7 Days in Hell, the 2015 Wimbledon-marathon mockumentary starring Andy Samberg as (basically) McEnroe. McEnroe has also notably served as the darling of a few Adam Sandler flicks: You Don't Mess With the ZohanJack and Jill, Mr. Deeds and Anger Management.

This was hardly his first SNL rodeo, of course. McEnroe had guested previously in 2003 and 2010, hosted by Andy Roddick and Jeff Bridges, respectively. It's worth noting that he himself has also been parodied on the program, that by Chris Kattan in 2002 after a show McEnroe then hosted, The Chair, was canceled:

McEnroe has been likewise sent up on Not the Nine O'Clock News, a British sketch show that ran over three years in the late 1970s and early '80s:

He has also appeared in episodes of TV shows ranging from CSI: NY to Curb Your Enthusiasm, Frasier to Suddenly Susan (starring Brooke Shields, Andre Agassi's ex-wife). To the surprise of no one, McEnroe has typically portrayed himself or a thinly veiled version of himself. That is, his bombastic 1970s-80s self.

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