I was coaching a high school doubles match that was in the middle of a tiebreaker when the opposing team served to the wrong side (the deuce court instead of the ad court). The other coach and I noticed the mistake, but disagreed on how to proceed. I said that they should serve to the ad court, even though that was technically the incorrect side for this point. The other coach said that they should correct the mistake immediately, thus serving to the same opponent twice into the deuce court. Who was right?

— Bill Bodenschatz, Westmont, NJ

The other coach got it right. While it might not seem logical to serve to the same opponent in doubles twice in a row, that’s the fastest way to get things back on track. Rule 27.a says this type of mistake “should be corrected as soon as the error is discovered and the server shall serve from the correct half of the court according to the score.”

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