It's National Bullying Prevention Month and as much as the pros on tour seem indestructible, they're as susceptible as anyone else to online bullying. Players have been hounded online after both wins and losses by rude commentators, better known as "keyboard warriors".

It's been a fast-spreading and seemingly unstoppable epidemic, but some players are standing up to the haters. Stars like Madison Keys, Nick Kyrgios, Nicole Gibbs, Dustin Brown, and many, many more have fought back in their own ways. 

Brown just lost a tough third-set tiebreaker at an ATP Challenger in Italy and had this to say:

It's not just the players who are fighting back. Pat Cash, the current coach of CoCo Vandeweghe, was impressed by Kyrgios' essay in Australia's Players Voice.

The online trolls are always quick to rag on Kyrgios, but Cash was having none of it:

It seems like an insurmountable obstacle, but these voices are doing their part to stand up for themselves, and for all of the players.