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On Sunday night I flew back to Melbourne, heading home for the first time since April. The trip from New York to Australia is a long one.

After 29 hours of travel, I was greeted by my fiancé Britt and the new puppy that Britt got when she returned home after Wimbledon. It's so nice to be home, even if it's only for 10 days, before I head back to the United States again for tournaments.

During the week, I got to hit the golf course which has became one of my favorite things to do outside of tennis during the year. I find it a good place for me to relax away from the court, whilst still being physical and competitive. But I definitely have plenty of room for improvement.

On Saturday, Britt and I, took an early morning flight to Sydney to watch the Sydney Swans play the first round of the AFL finals. I've been a Swans fan since I was little, and this has been the only game I could go to for the whole season because of my travel. They won and to my luck, will play in Melbourne on Friday night before I fly back to the U.S. on Saturday.

Next week, I'll get back onto the court and put a solid week of training in here in Melbourne. I'm ready to go full-on now and definitely feel like the batteries have been recharged.