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Checking in after a fun, restful and productive week at home. After flying home Monday, I spent a much needed Tuesday completely off at home watching "Jane the Virgin" and catching up on household chores after a month away.

Surprisingly, I felt ready to jump back into training on Wednesday, and made trips to pilates and the public pool. Thursday, I got back on the practice court, and on Friday I went to a Nickelback concert with friends.

I spent the rest of the weekend training, catching up with friends, and watching the new Netflix documentary, "What the Health," which encouraged me to attempt a plant-based diet. Having already given up red meat and many processed food options, I feel prepared to give a vegan diet a try. I will definitely keep you all posted on how that goes.

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In more annoying news, I messed up an entry for one of my upcoming tournaments and had to make a schedule change. Although I had intended to play a $100,000+H ITF in Tampico, I had accidentally remained signed up for a WTA qualifying event in Seoul the same week. These entries are conducted on two different websites, so it can be hard to keep track of what you've entered or pulled out of on a given week and mistakes are common.

This will mean not playing the week at issue (September 18) and instead starting the following week in Wuhan. The plan, as of now, is to wrap up the season with a four-week stint in Asia with stops in Wuhan, Beijing, Hong Kong or Tianjin (not sure which yet), and Moscow.

While I'm disappointed to be missing out on Tampico, a tournament that very graciously invited me to compete this year, I am framing things positively. Now, I will have a chance to compete in four WTA events to round out the year instead of three. I'm looking forward to the challenge.