Long before Roger Federer's One-Handed Backhand Boys serenaded the world, teenager Andrey Rublev was in a boy band of his very own. The 19-year-old US Open quarterfinalist formed the band Summer Afternoon with three of his pals, and the results, well, they speak for themselves. 

Summer Afternoon covered the One Direction hit "Steal My Girl" in 2015, and it's exactly what you would expect four young, presumably untrained Russian boys to sound like.  

“We found the location, then we found a guy who can do music videos,” Rublev told the ATP. “He was directing us, telling us where to walk, or run, or just stand still. For the first five minutes I was a little bit nervous. But only for a couple of minutes. Then I got so lazy because we kept doing the same things over and over again. You can see parts in the video where I'm just staring and tired!”

The videography is impressive, while the singing and the dancing could use some work. The band hasn't put forth a song recently, but blame Rublev's fast rise up the ranks into the Top 50. He has been especially busy this year, winning his first title in Umag and upsetting Grigor Dimitrov and David Goffin before falling to his idol, Rafael Nadal, in New York.