So much fun seeing the #SockBrothers playing together in #BBTAtlantaOpen

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In Atlanta, Jack Sock chose an unexpected partner for doubles. Often teaming up with fellow American standouts or Nick Kyrgios, the 2014 Wimbledon doubles champion opted instead for his big brother, Eric. The two Socks have come a long, long way. 

In January 2015, after having a sore throat, Eric Sock unexpectedly landed in the hospital. It turned into bilateral pneumonia in both of his lungs, and the infection spread to his liver, kidney and heart. 

He would make a complete recovery, and has since often been spotted on tour alongside his brother. But the experience changed Jack Sock's outlook forever. 

“When I think I’m not playing great today, something I might usually get upset over, I think back to this guy doctors said was one day away from dying,” he said in 2015. “So I think any struggle I think I have on the court is very small compared to actual reality.”

For Jack Sock to be able to play doubles with his big brother, just over two years removed from the near-fatal ordeal, is an impressive feat, even though they would lost in the first round. 

It'll be a memory for a lifetime for the brothers and the entire family.

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