A peculiarly scorching sun had its way with the Wimbledon grass over this fortnight. But the sun also sets. Here, our ongoing roundup of passing shots from SW19, a curated much-ado-about-everything – if a bit less manicured than the Wimble-lawns themselves.

See No. 17 here


The all-white dress code at Wimbledon has always been fairly strict, but hasn't made headlines quite as much as it did this year.  

Pity the poor juniors with their fashion faux pas, forced to change underwear after their darkly hued sports-knickers were viewed as, well, seeable

The regulations didn't fall hard on just the junior players, however. Consider that during a 30-minute rain delay in her early-round match against Qiang Wang, none other than five-time singles champ and impending 2017 finalist Venus Williams was asked to change out of her hot-pink bra in favor of a lily-white one.

At least someone, namely the perennially sunny Kim Clijsters, got to have a bit of fun with the rules: 

A lesson for us all: When in doubt, when fashion police come calling, channel your own inner Clijsters. Namaste.

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