When they’re not competing for doubles titles, there’s a good chance brothers Bob and Mike Bryan are playing music. At the Mercedes Open in Stuttgart, they joined in with the band La Diri for a mellow rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Perhaps second only to tennis, the 16-time major champions spent much of their upbringing playing instruments and occasionally joining in with their father’s band, according to a 2015 feature in CNN. "We didn't have a television in the house,” father Wayne explained “...and we didn't have video games. So their whole life was enjoying music, enjoying tennis and enjoying school work.”

Athletes occasionally dream of being musicians and musicians rub elbows with athletes. The Bryans have put in nearly four decades to fulfill their dreams as tennis champions, and they’ve never stopped playing.

... photo cred: Peter Staples

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Bob plays the keyboard, and Mike the drums and guitar. They cut an album in 2009 called Let it Rip but decided it was best that they continue to put most of their energy into their day job.

For the week, the Bryans got two doubles wins before falling in the semifinals to Oliver Marach and Mate Pavic. And as usual, they were all smiles while taking time to sign autographs and interact with fans.