Some stars passed on playing in the French Open, while others weren't allowed in. You know all their names. What matters is what took place inside and outside the lines in Paris. On the heels of a fairly predictable and alternately off-the-chain major event, here are the thoroughly vetted, unequivocal–or entirely subjective–best and worst moments from the 2017 French Open. 

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A Grieving American in Paris

It’s been well documented by now that Steve Johnson weathered the sadness of his father's passing just prior to Roland Garros this year. His run to the third round reminded many observers of Monica Seles' run to the 1998 French Open final after her own father's death. 

The end to his treasurable Roland Garros campaign came at the masterful, one-handed strokes of Dominic Thiem, who would race to the semifinals, upending Novak Djokovic, before falling to Rafael Nadal’s patented onslaught.

Before departing, Johnson served up an array of dazzling moments, from his poignant appearance in the Tennis Channel studio alongside Brett Haber and James Blake …


… to his explosion of emotion mid-match, one that did not faze Jon Wertheim courtside …

… to how he weathered so well the calls made against him:.

There were also the racquet smashes on both sides: 

To his credit, having smashed his racquet multiple times directly after losing to Johnson, Borna Coric later realized the unforced error of his ways and issued a tweet with kudos.

That’s Johnson in a nutshell: fighter, lover, fair to everyone he comes in contact with and unafraid of showing emotions of all kinds. A model for all, tennis players or not.

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