To the other 127 male players that will be in the singles draw at the 2018 French Open, no need to worry too much: “Rafaux” Nadal is willing to give you a handicap.

Ping-pong paddle? Yep. Flippers? Sure thing.

Comedian Elliot Loney has once again donned his finest Nike gear, tied on his headband and made sure his eyebrow has reached maximum arch status for another video impersonating the world No. 2 and 10-time French Open champion, Rafael Nadal.

“It’s too easy for me,” Loney says, words you couldn’t imagine ever coming from the mouth of the real Nadal—even though it might look that way sometimes.

Nadal only dropped 35 games on his way to the Roland Garros title this year. His opponents this year probably wouldn’t have minded seeing Loney on the other side of the net.

Before the French, Loney/Nadal was quite confident about his chances at the tournament—and his abilities in other sports.

It’ll be interesting to see how Rafaux feels ahead of Wimbledon, the next Grand Slam on the horizon.