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As you’ll learn this week, when it comes to tennis, Florida isn’t just a state—it’s a state of mind.

KEY BISCAYNE — Angelique Kerber is the world's No. 1 female tennis player for many reasons—she can do what others can't. And when it comes to telling the WTA tour's most prominent twins apart, she's more capable than most.

Karolina and Kristyna Pliskova turned 25 earlier this week, and as you can tell, they are identical.

"I have played against [Kristyna] as well. I know she' a lefty so I think that's the only difference that you can tell," Kerber said ahead of the Miami Open. "I think they're really, really similar, but I know Karolina, so I see a little bit of the difference between them."

Karolina would be on Kerber's radar a bit more, given the German beat her in the US Open final last year.

Karolina is ranked No. 3 in the world, while her sister has been playing catch up, reaching her career-high of No. 52 this week. The differences are subtle, like Kristyna is a left-hander while Karolina is a righty, and Kristyna has one tattoo while Karolina has two.

"It's happening almost every day, like [a] hundred times," Karolina Pliskova said in Doha about the mix-ups. "I almost got used to this thing. But still [it surprises] me ... Yeah, I think we have different first names, so maybe the people could see the draw and just don't make sure they're still confusing us."

It'll be simple to keep the Pliskovas straight this week. Kristyna lost in the first round, while Karolina has advanced to the third round with a straightforward win over Madison Brengle on Thursday.