During a doubles match, an opponent’s shot struck a towel that was hanging over the top of the net near the net post. The ball dribbled over and fell on our side. I returned the shot, but ran into the net. I then gave the point to my opponents because I ran into the net. But should my opponents have lost the point because their shot hit the towel?

— Douglas Redfearn, Metairie, LA

This is three issues in one. (1) While The Code, Item 46, says you shouldn’t put a towel on the net, if someone drapes one over the net, it becomes part of the net, so a ball striking it is no different from it striking the net cord. (2) Since it was a legal shot, there would have been no reason for you to stop play. (3) Good on you for conceding the point (The Code, Item 19).

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