Let’s be honest, there are only two groups of people in the world who know that it is National Strawberry Day today—those who works in the strawberry business and the employees at Wimbledon. So of course, Wimbledon’s social media accounts are having a “berry” fun time to celebrate by throwing it back to a 2014 video feature.

Some of the best tennis players in the world were given a simple question: How do you eat your strawberries? To their credit, most players responded “with cream,” keeping with Wimbledon’s traditional strawberries and cream snack.

According to CNN, patrons on the grounds of the All England Club consume over 100,000 portions of the dish every year, so it is certainly well-liked.

But one player’s answer was way off from what those who thought of the video topicwere probably looking for.

“With my fingers,” Murray said.

Well, to each their own. But everyone now knows that you can still become the best player in the world if you eat your fruit with your fingers.