DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — You can get everything you want these days with an on-demand subscription: music, movies, food, drinks, clothing. Now you can add freshly strung racquets to the list.

Stringbox is in its infancy, having just started a few months ago, but it's an innovative solution for the common stringing dilemma. The concept is simple: Place your frames in the box sent to your door, attach the pre-paid shipping label, ship it (or have it picked up), and frames will be dropped back onto your doorstep, freshly strung.

"There are so many businesses where you can have things sent to your house," said Bethany Donth, Stringbox's content manager. "We even have the concierge service where you can just leave your box on your door step and it'll get picked up by the mail courier so you don't even have to leave your house."

No strings? No problem. They'll provide them for you, from a wide selection suitable for players of all levels (some strings will require an upgrade in cost).

It usually takes a little over a week for the turnaround from the moment you place your order until the racquet is back in your hands again, so some advance planning is required.

Though that may seem slow, think of the convenience of door-to-door service. Stringbox could be most suited to places where people play in public parks or heavily populated cities (like New York City) where racquet stringing is slow, costly and, overall, a huge hassle.

The cost of racquet stringing at a local club varies from state to state, but the $19 String Box charges is far from outlandish, though you’ll need to pay a $10/month membership fee.

Right now, Stringbox has only one stringer—based in south Florida—so shipping for far-off cities will take longer. But the family-run company is working on widening its stringing base, making shipping times much faster.

Your experience won't just be all automated computers and faceless deliverymen.

"A big part of the company is we want our clients to have contact with the stringer, too," Donth said. "So let's say you develop tennis elbow and you're like, I need some adjustments, you can call and talk about it with the stringer."