Imagine this.

The Patriots are down 21-3 against the Falcons by half-time in the Super Bowl and world No. 44 Eugenie Bouchard tweets out her faith in Atlanta. A young man sees this and asks her out on a date if New England gets the win.

She says yes, fast-forward to the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, and the University of Missouri junior lands a date with one of the sport's most prolific players. It sounds like the plot of a romantic comedy, but that's exactly what happened to 20-year-old John Goehrke.

The Canadian kept her word and went to watch a Brooklyn Nets home game on Wednesday night with her new acquaintance.


Busy day with @si_swimsuit and then tonight... I'm going on a date ????

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At first, Bouchard was apprehensive about the date, seeing she was going out with a complete stranger and initially, didn't even know what he looked like.

Speaking with Sport's Illustrated's Extra Mustard, she said, "I was worried, however, when I looked at his Twitter profile as soon as I lost the bet and his profile picture was of Tiger Woods. I was like, 'It's one of those Twitter fans. I don't even know what he looks like. What is going to happen?' But it turns out he seems to be a very nice boy."

Even her date didn't think there was a chance of actually meeting her.

"I thought maybe there was a chance she would respond, but I thought there was no chance she’d actually agree to it," Goehrke told the Kansas City Star.

Despite the risk of a complete disaster, it became obvious right away that they both would have a great time.

The pair looked comfortable enough sitting front and center at the game.

Goehrke even went so far as to say that it was his "best date ever."


He says it's his best date ever! ????

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During the date, her rumored boyfriend Jordan Caron, shared this photo of Bouchard's Sports Illustrated debut.


Well.. @si_swimsuit is absolute ???????????? this year ! Proud of you ????

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The Canadian NHL player, who just went on a Puerto Rican vacation with Bouchard a few short weeks ago, may have to start watching his back.

After the Nets game, TMZ asked Goehrke and Bouchard if there's going to be a second date.

Bouchard's response?

"For sure."

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