Gold racket for me by @wilsontennis edition. I'm obsessed. You know gold is my fav color! I was so excited!!!

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When a historic feat is achieved, a historic racquet is created. In honor of Serena Williams' 23rd Grand Slam title and return to world No. 1, Wilson has joined forces with the American to create a very limited-edition golden racquet.

So how limited is this new racquet? Only 23 were sold, at a price tag of $723, and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to The Serena Williams Fund.

The racquet is the uniquely designed Serena Williams Autograph Blade 104 that William's uses herself and features a very ninja-styled black shade with gold accents. The grip bottom features a 24K gold trapdoor. The frame also has the champion's signature and is strung to the specifications that Williams used during her record-breaking Australian Open run.

Despite the hefty price tag, the racquet has already sold out. While you can no longer buy this collector's item, you can still marvel at its beauty, and wonder what could have been.

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