In a year filled with style crimes, let us give thanks for Roger Federer's timeless sense. (AP)

The draw was half the size of the customary 128-man field that he's used to, but, once again, Roger Federer emerged the champion. He is your 2016 Most Stylish Man, as voted by thousands of runway and ready-to-wear mavens who frequent, presumably including a host of Fed fans. 

Those who read the proverbial tea leaves in the fashion game might have seen this coming. GQ termed Federer the "master of fall style" in early October when he effortlessly rocked a turtleneck. (Psst: That's hard to do.) The magazine also sized up his 11 alleged best looks of the year in a companion photo gallery to his Most Stylish Man announcement. Tuxes, bomber jackets, monogrammed hats and monochromatic tennis gear for everyone! 

To cement his status as Trend Slayer in Chief in the general pop-culture realm, Federer took out actor Tom Hiddleston in the GQ final. He seized about 60 percent of the vote to boot. (Hey, Donald Trump: That is a landslide.) Leading up to the final, Federer beat out, in sequence, these stars: Zayn Malik, Ryan Gosling—GQ's January 2017 cover boy—actor Steven Yeun, two-time defending Most Stylish Man Kanye West and the preciously pretty Jared Leto.

In a year when style crimes the likes of obnoxiously pricey, fur-lined sandals were perpetrated on the public—who would buy them?—let us give thanks for Federer's timeless sense.

Unfortunately for fans, this comes as the biggest title of Federer's 2016. And all the brouhaha over a celebrated tennis titan's sartorial taste drums up a question: Is he also tennis’ GOAT in the fashion arena? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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