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Watch designer Felio Siby has released a limited-edition sports watch partially designed by world No. 10 Tomas Berdych. No stranger to fashion or excellent style, the Czech is now a founding ambassador for the company's luxury sports watch.

Imagined in 2015, the Tomas Berdych Watch by Felio Siby is priced at $135,000, and was designed by founder and CEO Dominique Siby with help from Berdych himself.

The first watch Berdych bought for his growing watch collection cost more than $20,000, and he got it in New York after beating Roger Federer in the 2012 US Open quarterfinals.

The 31-year-old has been a very public fan of luxury watches, often posting slick shots of his decorated wrist on his Instagram page. It's only fitting he finally have one of his own.

"I’ve been an avid watch enthusiast from a young age and while aspiring to become a world class player, I always admired those at the top who had watch sponsorships and were given the latest model to wear on court," Berdych said. "It truly is a work of art and a trophy for the wrist. I look forward to working with Dominique and representing Felio Siby over the years to come."