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The New Potato sat down with Eugenie Bouchard to talk nutrition and fitness, with a little detour to include Justin Bieber (of course). Bouchard may be ranked No. 46 right now after what she called "a very average" year, but she was as high as No. 5 in 2014 after stellar Grand Slam year (two semifinals and a Wimbledon final appearance).

Since then, Bouchard has struggled with pressure, expectations and staying in match shape, but 2017 is a brand new year of opportunities for the top-ranked Canadian.

In the interview, the 22-year-old stresses the importance of a good breakfast, staying hydrated and filling up on pasta before a match (the quintessential tennis player meal). She also appreciates a well-crafted post-match protein shake.

If you follow Bouchard on social media, you’ll already know her cheat day obsession is Cheetos.

Here are a few more notable answers from the Q&A;:  

How does she deal with distractions?

"The best thing for me to do is to breathe. I take deep breaths to calm myself down, slow down my heart rate and think clearly."

What’s her favorite workout?

"I love doing weights because I know I’m getting stronger and I really enjoy that part of the gym. I also spend extra time on my lower body because I have to have strong legs on the court."

And what’s the worst advice she's received?

"The worst thing I’ve heard is when people tell you to be yourself. I already am who I am, and when I’m asking you for advice I’m looking for your input and thoughts. I think it’s important to share ideas with each other!"

The best answer has to be the wildcard at the very end when she's asked who she would want to have a dinner party with. Just imagine her sitting down for a well-balanced meal (perhaps pasta) with Oprah, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Roger Federer and Winston Churchill.