Tennis brings out the best and worst in almost everyone. Like John McEnroe and his infamous tirades, some players are well-known for their outbursts and drama on court. Such is the way of rising star Nick Kyrgios. The 21-year-old Australian thrives on controversy and there seems to be a new headline about him in almost every tournament he plays, whether it's good, bad or ugly.

While he certainly has gotten into trouble—especially as of late—the drama isn't all the world No. 14 is known for. Here are eight Kyrgios moments (good, bad and everything in between).


Kygrios showed his softer side in Tokyo by giving a water bottle to an ill fan. See? Sometimes, the good shines through.


Unfortunately, those moments are few and far between for the Aussie. He tanked part of his match against Richard Gasquet in the fourth round of last year's Wimbledon:


And put up a listless performance again earlier this week in a loss to Mischa Zverev in Shanghai.


But he's really good at and passionate about Pokemon Go. Of course, he dominated against his fellow ATP players:


The three-time ATP champion also likes to throw fits and name drop... a lot. Especially after he gets a code violation for ball abuse.


A Kyrgios smile during a match is rare, but when it appears, it may be because he just accidentally bonked a line judge in the head with a ball.


He also likes a good hug. When you're down two sets, sometimes a hug is what you need and Kyrgios got it, despite the slightly apprehensive ball boy.


Probably the most famous of all Kyrgios incidents is when he had a few choice words for Stan Wawrinka about his girlfriend (Donna Vekic):