He's been out of ATP tour action since Wimbledon, but Roger Federer sported a (Ron?) burgundy look at Paris Fashion Week that has insiders including the likes of GQ buzzing over his formidable style sense. Whatever you think of the turtleneck-with-suit look—a Royal Tenenbaum character? Steve McQueen? a Get Smart bad guy? Hugh Hefner?—Fed doesn't care. Fed does what he wants, and he pulls it off immaculately. Indeed, he will continue to do so forever.

The 34-year-old found himself a front-row guest alongside his perennial gal pal, Anna Wintour, at runway shows conducted by Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

Mirka Federer also came along to view all the slinky strutting and sartorial wonderment. The 17-time major singles champ himself posed with the likes of talented actors Jennifer Connelly and Alicia Vikander as well.

So not a shabby showing for Federer himself. A major fashion mag tips its collective, dandy hat to him; he's surrounded by an array of talented, beautiful and powerful women. On court or not, it's always Fed for the win.

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