If Maria Sharapova is nothing else, she's tenacious. Earlier this year, the five-time Grand Slam champion was handed a two-year ban after failing a drug test at the Australian Open for meldonium (a decision which she is appealing).

Still, nothing has stopped her from being her A-list self. If these Instagram and Twitter pics are anything to go by, Sharapova hasn’t let the ban slow her down—not even a little.


One of the best female players having dinner with one of the best car companies makes for one stunning night.


Dinner at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart ????????????

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A tennis champion and successful business woman? Is there anything she can’t do?


Apparently golf.


A big game and a big heart. What more can you ask for?


It’s not all serious business as she makes time for her Adele fix (And yes, that fedora is Grade A amazing).


Adele- Staples Center- Aug 20

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The ban has certainly not put a damper on her fashion sense.


A sweet treat for her fans in Franklin, Massachusetts (pun intended).


What does Sharapova do without competitive tennis? Go to Harvard. Can someone say #goals?


Student ???? ????

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Don’t let that face fool you, she will chew you up and spit you out as evidenced by this boxing session.


Anger management on a Sunday afternoon

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This is the biggest win of them all. Even with her tennis future in jeopardy, she’s still on the court putting in the hours.


Legs were heavy after few days of training but made it count by being out there and getting it done. ????????

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Sharapova's appeal with the Court of Sport Arbitration is scheduled for sometime in October. If there is no change to her case, she'll be able to return to competition in 2018.