Depending on what you're into, you'll find the clip of Novak Djokovic and Co. talking about meditation to be very weird or very inspiring. Though most of it is in Spanish, Djokovic's speech is in English, starting around the 50-minute marker (that's his younger brother Marko translating).

The two-hour long seminar posted by the Fundación Espató is titled "Love and Peace Act" and took place at the Puente Romano in Marbella, Spain.

Djokovic dives right in. He says the group seated alongside him were in a "long and deep" meditation and are "asking and wish [for] harmony in our souls with your souls."

What?! It's no secret that Djokovic has embraced a clean living lifestyle for years now, but who knew he was so into finding inner peace. 

He explains that meditation is important because "essentially we are all the same" and repeatedly talks about going "inside" ourselves.

"When we go inside, we switch off the light on the exterior life," he says.

Throughout all of this, Daniela Hantucova (seated on his far right) remains still with her eyes closed. A baby cries for much of the session, really testing the focusing powers of everyone involved.

Then the world No. 1 launches into some metaphors about life and traffic (and also clouds).

The Serb closes with, "I wish all of you here in the room that you feel this connection with love, now and forever."

Amen, Novak.