The former Wimbledon champion says a virus has made her life an "absolute nightmare." (AP Photo)

This week at Wimbledon, Marion Bartoli was forced to pull out of the invitational event because doctors feared for her health.

The 2013 Wimbledon champion has been looking noticeably different since retiring shortly after that maiden major win.

Bartoli went on ITV's This Morning show to come clean about what has been going on with her health, with the intent of squashing rumors of an eating disorder.

The 31-year-old said that before this February, she was around 54 kilos (120 pounds) thanks to "being healthier" and "coming into my normal shape."

But then the commentator and on-court interviewer traveled from the Australian Open to New York City for her fashion-line work with Fila, before heading to India. She believes it was during that time that she contracted a virus.

"I start to feel a little bit tired, little bit fatigued," she said. "...My body was refusing more and more things; food, any contact with [an] electrical thing. I can’t type on my phone without gloves … I have very bad skin reaction, it can be tissue that someone put on my face … It's absolutely horrendous."

Doctors have been unable to name the virus, but she will be going to a clinic on Monday with hopes of  a recovery.

The Frenchwoman said she reacts negatively to food, jewelry and even water, having to wash with mineral water to avoid a skin reaction and tachycardia (an abnormally rapid heart beat).

"My life right now is an absolute nightmare," she said. "What I’m going through, I wish it to nobody ... Maybe one day my heart is going to stop, because going through all this is difficult."