Hi Nick: I am a righty and play league doubles with a southpaw who insists on playing in the ad court when we’re receiving. He feels that having his forehand on that side gives solid coverage and his backhand guarding the middle is his better stroke. Fair enough. However, he is not a clutch returner, and he often dumps the ball if it’s an ad-game, no matter what stroke the ball is served to. I say it’s better for me to play the ad court as I have a solid backhand and forehand return, and I get the ball into play much more often than him. We need an expert to decide who is right: Can you help?

—Robert Fox, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Robert: You both must determine that there is no set combination, whether you are righty or lefty. Both of you must speak up and decide what your strengths and weaknesses are. I would suggest that you try different combinations and let the results determine your most productive position. No matter what, stop thinking so much —go out there and make it happen.

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